Groot succes voor Addy van den Krommenacker op Perth Fashionweek

Groot succes voor Addy van den Krommenacker op Perth Fashionweek

Afgelopen weekend toonde Addy van den Krommenacker met groot succes zijn couture collectie op de Perth Fashionweek in Australië. Addy was daar op uitnodiging van de World Fashion Week (WFW) Organisation, die de genomineerde WFW ontwerpers het platform geeft om hun collectie te tonen op Fashionweeks in de gehele wereld.

Naast bekende Australische ontwerpers toonden ook de Oostenrijkse Thang de Hoo, Furne One uit Dubai, die creaties ontwierp voor onder andere Beyonce en Katy Perry, en de bekendste Zuid Afrikaanse ontwerper Hendrik Vermeulen hun collecties.

Addy kreeg lovende kritieken van de Australische pers:

WA today (West Australia)
“The Dutch designer showcased at a Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week matinee over the weekend for what was the most stunning and elaborate collection to grace the runway so far. As soon as the models poured out distinct "oohs" and "aahs" echoed from the audience. This was going to be something special.
Gorgeous form-fitting silhouettes featured in frocks of thick, bold lace with structured sleeves, either capped or full length.
Whimsical gowns fit for fairytale princesses hugged the figure, then cascaded with mammoth trains and flowing capes.

The fabrics were simply stunning, ranging from heavy vintage-style lace to thick sequinned mesh, full-length silk in tubular pleats, a range of superbly textured textiles and gushing delicates simply floating down the runway. The colour story ran from a periwinkle blue to striking red, a golden cream, peachy nude and finally a vibrant canary yellow. Every detail from collar to hemline was attended to in a collection that channelled the old world of European cinema, think think Sophia Loren strolling the streets of Naples. Highlights included a cap-sleeved, high-collared, dense lace frock in vibrant yellow from head to toe, which could easily have gone wrong but was just so fabulous.

Also impressive, a coral peach shift coat created with a truly unique textured fabric which appeared as if to be made of protruding rose petals. With the model's delicate pins poking out under masses of fabric, Carrie Bradshaw on European vacation immediately sprang to mind.”

Eind 2011 is Addy uitgekozen om Nederland te vertegenwoordigen op de eerste International World Fashion Week die gehouden wordt in 2013 in New York. Uit ieder land (40 in totaal), over 5 continenten, werd een designer gekozen om deel te nemen aan dit bijzondere project "Give your light to the world” (and the world will light you).

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