Won Hundred Autumn/Winter collection

Won Hundred Autumn/Winter collection
Transformation and urban city life are key inspiration for the Won hundred Autumn/Winter collection.
The rise of new industrial cities, oily factories and heavy smoked horizons. Dirty grounds and
forests of metal and concrete. 1900 industrialization sees the coming of proper male dress attire
and a growing use of tuxedos and suiting available for everyone. Black is the new black.
Uniforms express identity in a fascinating manner.

The AW 2012 mens collection:

The inspiration for this season is found in the strong and masculine silhouettes of the industrial revolution. A
time when your profession dictated very much which clothes you wore. And a time when uniforms had not yet
become uniform, but expressed identity in a fascinating manner.

The key item for this season is suiting! Work wear inspired blazers worn with formal shirts. Heavy structured
knits in wool and trousers with a low crotch. Worn with big oversized outerwear in technical fabrics.
Other fabrics seen in the collection are wool and soft cotton blends.
Refined detailing featured throughout the collection are rolled up sleeves, for that casual work wear look.
The emphasis on strong shoulders, panels and darts inserted to make extra room for comfortable wear.
Layering is a must.

This seasons colours are kept mainly to a dusty palette of greys, blues and greens
with dashes of golden yellow and a deep red.

The AW 2012 womens collection:

This industrialistic collection is inspired by a play between masculine and feminine.
A play between the cold metal from the urban factories and the warm natural surroundings in the outskirts of
these industrial cities. Ethnic inspired fabrics are mixed with technical neoprene materials to create a contrast
between soft and hard.

Long floating silhouettes are combined with proper mens wear inspired suitings. The key item for this season
is suiting! Office like inspired pencil skirts are combined with big oversized, cosy wool sweaters.
Heavy structured knits are worn with thin shirtings. Feminine shirt dresses with soft drapings are worn with
oversized squared shaped outerwear with chunky work wear detailing. Simple t-­shirt like shapes are topping
of the clean look. Heavy boiled wool is a must this season, together with washed silks and crispy shirtings.
Layering is a must.

The colour scale goes from a dirty off white with grey and black. Mixed with accent colours such as golden
brown and a forest green.

With love from,

Won hundred.

Meer Informatie: http://www.wonhunderd.com

Foto: Estella Gonzales Limachi

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